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Developed by leading male fertility doctors to help you build your family. 

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or undergoing fertility treatments, Swimmers can help you and your partner get pregnant more quickly and easily.


The Hard Facts About Male Fertility

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Your sperm health matters

Online Assessment & Personalized Fertility Plan

The Swimmers Assessment is an AI-powered online questionnaire that takes 5 minutes to complete. It was designed by nationally-recognized male fertility doctors to develop a personalized, research-backed plan for you to understand and improve your reproductive health. The Swimmers Score is a numerical score that shows how well your current lifestyle, diet and behavior are supporting your fertility.

Discrete At-Home Sperm Tests with Accurate Results 

Our FDA Cleared At-Home Fertility Test allows you to check your sperm health in less than 30 minutes from home. It measures your total motile sperm concentration, the most important measure of male sperm quality. You’ll also get a video of your moving sperm and find out how your results compare with proven fathers. Clinically proven to be 97% accurate..

Developed by Leading Male Fertility Doctors

Dr. Peter Stahl

Former Director of Male Reproductive Medicine & Associate Professor of Urology at Columbia University

Fellowship-trained in Male Reproductive Medicine & Surgery

Dr. Cori Tanrikut

Reproductive Urologist at Shady Grove Fertility

Former Director of Male Reproductive Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical College

Dr. Doron Stember

Former Assistant Professor of Urology at Mount Sinai

Fellowship-trained in Male Reproductive Medicine & Surgery

Most people don't know that men cause up to 50% of infertility problems and that sperm health is just as important as egg quality. 

Poor sperm health lowers the chance of conceiving naturally and through assisted reproductive techniques like intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

It takes 3 months for sperm to develop into fully functional swimmers.

The average man produces 50-100 million new sperm cells every day. The health and fertility potential of your mature sperm depends on the conditions in your body during sperm production and development.

It Takes 3+ Months to Develop Healthy Sperm


You Can Help Increase the Chances of Pregnancy


It takes two to get pregnant. The Swimmers Fertility Program helps you do your part. 

By following your personalized Swimmers Fertility Plan, you can have the peace of mind knowing you are doing what you can to build a family.

[1] This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

[2] The ingredients in the Swimmer's Antioxidant Formula were rated #1 out of 18 male fertility supplements evaluated in a University of Miami Research Study. See Review of Novel Male Fertility Supplement: Swimmers Antioxidant Formula |Research Backed

At-Home Male Fertility Test

Valid & accurate -- 97% accurate vs lab tests

Private testing in your own home -- no lab visit or shipping required

Get results in 30 minutes


FDA Cleared

Swimmers Formula

#1 rated male fertility supplement using the University of Miami male fertility supplement scoring system

Contains carefully selected premium ingredients that are clinically proven to improve sperm health and protect developing sperm from environmental stress

Supports couples trying to conceive naturally

Supports sperm function during fertility treatments like IUI and IVF


The Swimmers program is built on the #1 rated male fertility supplement in America.

Our at-home fertility test makes tracking your sperm health fast, easy, and reliable.

The Swimmers Formula is the single most evidence-based male fertility supplement (rated #1 out of 18 in U of Miami Study*). Our antioxidant formula contains carefully selected premium ingredients that are clinically proven to improve sperm health and protect developing sperm from environmental stress. 

Taking the Swimmers Formula every day can support your chances of conceiving, whether you are trying naturally or with assisted reproductive techniques like IUI or IVF

Daily Swimmers Antioxidant Formula (#1 Rated)

The Swimmers Care Pro program includes individualized medical evaluation and care from a male fertility expert in addition to all the offerings of the Swimmers Care program. 

Swimmers Care Pro members have access to additional diagnostic testing, medical prescriptions, and follow-up visits as needed.

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